Gaco Roof Systems

New Metal Roofs and Retrofits Last Longer, Look Better with GacoFlex Elastomeric Membranes

Gaco Roof Systems

GacoFlex Metal Roof systems provide seamless protection with a durable, flexible membrane. GacoFlex elastomeric systems for metal roofs are formulated to enhance and repair metal roof retrofit projects, as well as to protect new metal roofs.

With GacoFlex Metal Roof systems, common metal roof problems, such as leaks, acid-rain corrosion, buckling and thermal shock, are virtually eliminated. GacoFlex seamless protection eliminates common sources of leaks around fasteners and flashing.

Combined with lightweight PolyFoam polyurethane insulation, GacoFlex Metal Roof systems have excellent weatherability, and offer significant thermal insulation and energy cost savings.