Gaco Membrane Systems

GacoFlex Exterior Wall Coatings: Renew and Protect Outdoor Surfaces

Gaco Membrane Systems

GacoFlex LM-60 offers monolithic, 100% solids membrane waterproofing for all types of structures, including below grade applications, chiller and portable water tanks, water fountains, and under thin-set tiles. GacoFlex LM-60 adheres completely to both vertical and horizontal substrates, forming a tough, impermeable, yet flexible membrane.

For over 25 years, LM-60 has waterproofed millions of square feet in interior and exterior structures. Around the globe, from the US and Canada, to the Philippines, to Saudi Arabia, GacoFlex LM-60 is relied upon for waterproofing and solvent-free application.

GacoFlex LM-60 contains no solvents, has no odour, and complies with worldwide air-quality standards. LM-60 can be used safely in densely populated municipal locations and enclosed areas.