Gaco Foam Systems

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam for Energy-Efficient, Sustainable Roofing

Gaco Foam Systems

Gaco Western PolyFoam is a light, seamless, durable roofing system, combining energy-efficiency with outstanding weatherability.

The PolyFoam system is a self-flashing barrier, so the system eliminates common sources of leaks at flashings and penetrations. With years of experience in formulating and applying SPF systems, you can rely on Gaco Western expertise!

PolyFoam is strong and resilient, but it is still light enough to be sprayed over existing roofs, eliminating expensive "tear-offs". PolyFoam will provide excellent resistance to thermal expansion and is suitable for both industrial and commercial applications.

Covered by a Gaco Western elastomeric coating, PolyFoam creates a sustainable roof that is easily rejuvenated after many years of service by an additional top coat.