Gaco Deck Systems

AutoDeck & CentaFlex U-62: Eliminate Expensive Repairs from Chemicals, Salt Corrosion

Gaco Deck Systems

Exposed concrete behaves like a sponge, absorbing water and chemical runoff. GacoFlex AutoDeck systems waterproof exposed concrete in parking structures, eliminating expensive repairs caused by water, acids, chlorides and salt corrosion.

GacoFlex AutoDeck, a fully adhered, seamless protective membrane, will withstand years of adverse weather and normal traffic abuse. With a double pass of GacoShell granule, plus our tough urethane coating on turn radii and ramps, AutoDeck systems are designed specifically for vehicular wear applications.

Featuring CentaFlex, a 100% solids system of primers and squeegee-applied urethane coatings, CentaFlex U-62, is the premiere system for air quality assurance in solvent sensitive areas. CentaFlex meets air quality standards worldwide.

Successfully used on hundreds of thousands of square footage, CentaFlex U-62 by Gaco Western is the industry leader in parking garage protection today.